Month: December 2015

Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Stab At It is pleased to announce our new partnership with Carolina Smooths brand cigarettes, a subsidiary of MorCrom Biochemical!!

Stab At It just loves Carolina Smooth‘s rich back-country flavor, the one with the Smooth Ride filter, and so should you!

This new relationship will not affect the usual high quality that you expect from your Stab At It comic strip, and all of your favorite characters will still be around preforming their zany antics.

Look for hard packs of Carolina Smooths at your local tobacconist or adult theater! Carolina Smooths are whiskey soaked, quite on purpose, double wrapped in quality deep forest birch paper, triple filtered using MorCrom Biochemical‘s patented MonoBlock anti-carbon monoxide nano-sheath, and plenty of back-country goodness. The golden logo emblazoning each cigarette is easily recognizable from across the room at your local watering hole or tire shop, sending a clear message to all the ladies, that you a Smooth Man.

Please enjoy more Stab At It and Carolina Smooths brand cigarettes, a subsidiary of MorCrom Biochemical, and have a safe and happy New Year!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 5.01.20 PM

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