Get Well Soon, Reddles!

Stab At It, provider of your favorite paneled humor images, will no longer be sponsored by Snuffy Jasper, a subsidiary of the H&GL LottaTrust Prepaid Credit Card Company, licensed to Grimy Hanson’s Prison-Farmed Poultry and Lady Goods.

Reddles Camp, the award-winning cowboy poet and rodeo judge corruption whistleblower, has been seriously injured, and as such, will no longer be writing Stab At It comic strips. He is currently recovering with his friends and family at his cattle ranch in downtown Chicago.

Reddles, ever the seeker of higher knowledge, was seriously injured by the European Organization for Nuclear Research’s LHC- the Large Hadron Collider, in Switzerland. Wedging himself inside the particle accelerator’s superstructure during a high energy collision test, he was heard to mumble something like “I’ll unriddle the quandary of supersymmetry the old fashioned way.” He was found three days later, his body half-embedded in a mountain, having undergone a matter-energy transfer when the collider’s superconducting magnets accelerated his belt buckle to near light speeds, and transported him into the Swiss Alps.

We here at Stab At It wish him a quick recovery!

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