Month: February 2016

Author Announcement

Hi there, Stabbies! Or Stabbers, if the press decides to demonize you. This is a message from the writer and illustrator of Stab At It, E. R. Jess.

Not only does E. R. Jess slave over hot strips in the kitchen for you a few times a week, he also has thoroughly unrelated novels for sale at Amazon, and there are some not unflattering reviews for my books at my Goodreads page.

Here’s the best part, two of my books will be free for a few days, so act now! Or Soon!

Change the Sky    Fallen Into Milk

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And yes, a Stab At It print book is definitely a possibility maybe in the future, perhaps.

Enjoy this story from my job hunting days, that pretty much happened as told. If you like it, I may make more Stab At It in comic book format.

Pearl in the Snow

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