Month: March 2016

Illegal Tint on the Windows to Your Soul

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Left My Laptop Open

This next guest writer for the esteemed Stab At It comic strip makes sure that it doesn’t touch the ground, or get dragged through the mud.

Darren Ohl is a mystery wrapped in a blanket covered in hot sauce.  And here is a peek inside his broken brain.

– E. R. Jess


Barbecue with a Bodycount


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Comic Strip Coup

Next up for Personal Issues, the tender bathing suit areas on our body that are great to look at, but not to be touched.

No, it’s Tod Caviness. Same rules apply.

Tod is a many-hatted writer and performer that is a staple that holds the Orlando, FL lit scene together. And the entirety of his genius will now be condensed into four little squares.

– E. R. Jess


No Brain, No Pain


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Guest Writers in the Sky

Put down the pitchforks, stop with the boob puncturing for a hot minute, this here is a special series of Stab At It called Personal Issues.

Watch me get all Salieri up in this mess as I get a shoddy baker’s half dozen (up to 5) of my amazing writer friends to try their hand at Stab At It. Look for specially marked strips right here on this confusing web site.

It could get messy, or just plain ole awesome. Either way, this shit is free, and your eyes have no choice but to absorb the awkward funny within…

– E. R. Jess


Personal Issues 1

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