Month: April 2016

Putting the Feral Back in Funeral

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Stabby Clarence sat next to you in school, and he still talks like a lobotomized televangelist


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Everyone wants Stab At It on their product and/or service! Even the preferred cereal of the hard workers building the war machines that keep our glorious homeland safe from her enemies! All Praise!

Provided below: The cover and back of the cereal that will make your kids big, strong, and ready for the forge of our nation.

Clown-Themed Nutrition Pellets


Clown-Themed Joy

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If you like philosophy and hijacked comic strips, then hoo-boy. Hoo. Boy.¬†Trevor Fraser’s final Personal Issues are here, get them while they are hot and intelligent.

-E. R. Jess

Things You Learn Behind the Library


To Live is to Get Traffic Tickets