Month: June 2016

Surprise, there’s still Stab At It after issue 100, like you didn’t guess. Will be playing with format changes, but I’ll explain that later.

Number 101 includes two prologue strips, based loosely on a script by Orlando comedian and amazing person, Matt Gersting, who passed away in April. Way too soon and I’ve been dealing with it as well as I expected, like shit.

In his ideas for his Personal Issues strip (ones that I had some friends guest write), he wanted to have the main character mowing lawns for a month. Just panel after panel of mowing. Matt may have been fucking with me, and in turn, all of you. Classic. Gersting.










Taking a Stab at the Socratic Paradox


Happy stripiversary.

Stab At It – No. 1

Fancy Saddle Magazine

This month’s horse-flavored magazine-cover-within-a-comic-strip-canon is much like all of television, the special guest star is the killer. The cover for Fancy Saddle, Bridle Edition, was designed, written, and lovingly groomed by Bethany Mikell. Show her your appreciation like I am, by making horse sounds for three days. Whinny.

Fancy Saddle, Bridle edition

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