Avatar of Rage

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Try a box of shirt.


Warmonger – A Stab At It comic

Here’s another short comic, this time in a totally different style and in several colors. It’s taken way too long to finish, and that might have something to do with the subject matter. Get ready for more E. R. Jess Sad Time Parade of Bitter Sads. Here’s Warmonger, a short story about bullying and how it affects people.

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how to swim uphill layout


how to swim uphill layout


Pages 2 – 5 after the break.

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Bible Bubbles – For the boys on the front lines


Seriously, I made seven of these. Collect them all. In the cigar box that has everything tiny and important to you; a shell from your first trip to the beach, flower petals from your first love, wooden nickels and nickel-plated silver dollars. The cigar box you will lose in the big move. And life will never be the same.