Floating Fish of Desperate Escapism

stab141.jpg I said Whaaat?!

If you’re looking for Waldo, good luck. He got Lasik and a new hat and sweater. But do look for the clown with a pitchfork. He shouldn’t be there.

Get you a shirt of that one clown carrying a giant hot dog. Whaaat?!

Cataloging My Sentimentality

Here it finally is, merch for Stab At It! Not really. Presented for your eyeballs, here is the Things That You Should Have Known Existed… catalog, Summer Inside Edition. Knock your childhood down a peg. Don’t forget to check out all 7 pages.




There’s more! Like way more than needed…

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Left My Laptop Open

This next guest writer for the esteemed Stab At It comic strip makes sure that it doesn’t touch the ground, or get dragged through the mud.

Darren Ohl is a mystery wrapped in a blanket covered in hot sauce.  And here is a peek inside his broken brain.

– E. R. Jess


Barbecue with a Bodycount


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Enjoy this story from my job hunting days, that pretty much happened as told. If you like it, I may make more Stab At It in comic book format.

Pearl in the Snow

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