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Stab At It 142



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Stab At It storytime

7-page comic that will teach you all sorts of moral lessons, from a guy with few morals. Presenting the first of several thousand years worth of A STÆB AT FÆBLES. Open images in a new window or pinch and zoom to see all the moral detail.

fishbowl comic layout


fishbowl comic layout


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Warmonger – A Stab At It comic

Here’s another short comic, this time in a totally different style and in several colors. It’s taken way too long to finish, and that might have something to do with the subject matter. Get ready for more E. R. Jess Sad Time Parade of Bitter Sads. Here’s Warmonger, a short story about bullying and how it affects people.

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how to swim uphill layout


how to swim uphill layout


Pages 2 – 5 after the break.

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