What is this Stab At It thing?

Stab At It is a 4-panel comic strip made in the traditional fashion, with moist beet slices. Each day’s panel is carved into stamps, dipped in cypress ink, and pressed into flax linen sheets. Each strip is then dried until the next new moon. Which is in like twenty minutes, so I better wrap this up.

Meet some people that are not real and not even people:

Sunshine Butterfly Flower

This is Sunshine Butterfly Flower. The offspring of a motivational poster and a crumpled up manifesto found at the bus station.


Avatar of Rage

The Avatar of Rage. This angry fellow will be used as material evidence if the author of Stab At It ever gets in legal trouble.


Romantic Lead

This is our little tale’s Romantic Lead. Go with him, hand in hand, into his forties, where he will saturate the internet with whimsy and nervous pacing.


If you are new to the Stab world, then there’s only one thing you really need to know: there are semi-diaphanous proto-beings on the cusp of our dimension and they are learning how to breath our air so watch the fuck out. They have been going through our recycling and rifling through all the straw wrappers in our cars and they taught themselves English. It’s only a matter of time before one of them finds a robe and a Jesus mask and walks down the street pretending to be the second coming of the savior. And people would eat that shit up. Don’t fall for it. Arm yourself with the ammo of knowledge and also actual ammo. You don’t want to be caught with your pants down when Superconducting Plasma Flesh Jesus starts doing the Stanky Legg down your main street.

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Your generous tips will keep Stab At It up and running, since subterranean tunnels don’t always pay the bills.

Stab At It is partnered with Carpal’s Tunnels Engineering Inc., designer of world-class underground road and rail ways guaranteed to keep out any extra-dimensional immigrants.


Dimensional Proto-Being Proof Tunnel Construction