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Manticore Milspec Summer Catalog



New to the Stabverse, Manticore Milspec slithers its way onto your coffee table. Brought to you by the only mildy offensive Appalachian Chief Brand Smokechews.


Press Release – Update

For Immediate Release:

Stab At It has ended its partnership with Carolina Smooths brand cigarettes, a subsidiary of MorCrom Biochemical. Probably because Stab At It loves the deep mountain forest flavor of Appalachian Chief Brand Smokechews, the chewable cigarette dip in a paper tube can.

You’ll love the Rocky Mountain’s of the East flavor of Appalachian Chief Brand Smokechews new Maple Honeysuckle Biscuit Coated Smokeable Chew in a Tin. Now with edible ash and moonshine soaked paper wrap, on accident!

Stab At It will, as always, bring you the finest in hill country goodness and that musky flavor that you can swallow! And all of your favorite characters, like the dog with the accordion, and the floating whatever, will still be fixing social injustice, but this time, they will do so while enjoying the chunky flavor of Appalachian Chief Brand Smokechews cedar and rice pipe tobacco body wash and steak rub in a tube.

Appalachian Chief Brand Smokechews are a subsidiary of Manticore Mil-Spec Tactical Gear.

Mountain Flavor and Advanced Tactical Solutions


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