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New Shirts, New You

Get on over to the Stab At It Shirt and Shirt Emporium and Apothecary for unique styles that are too witty to handle. Wear them then wash them, then repeat until forever.




Cover your shame

T-Shirts are now available featuring Stab At It’s most popular weirdos and fictional logos. Let everyone know that you have read a comic strip from the internet, when you step out in these stylish nipple and every other part of your torso covers. Boobies.

Visit the Stab At It Awkward Shopping store for obscure logo shirts like these:



Cataloging My Sentimentality

Here it finally is, merch for Stab At It! Not really. Presented for your eyeballs, here is the Things That You Should Have Known Existed… catalog, Summer Inside Edition. Knock your childhood down a peg. Don’t forget to check out all 7 pages.




There’s more! Like way more than needed…

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