Snuffy Jasper

Get Well Soon, Reddles!

Stab At It, provider of your favorite paneled humor images, will no longer be sponsored by Snuffy Jasper, a subsidiary of the H&GL LottaTrust Prepaid Credit Card Company, licensed to Grimy Hanson’s Prison-Farmed Poultry and Lady Goods.

Reddles Camp, the award-winning cowboy poet and rodeo judge corruption whistleblower, has been seriously injured, and as such, will no longer be writing Stab At It comic strips. He is currently recovering with his friends and family at his cattle ranch in downtown Chicago.

Reddles, ever the seeker of higher knowledge, was seriously injured by the European Organization for Nuclear Research’s LHC- the Large Hadron Collider, in Switzerland. Wedging himself inside the particle accelerator’s superstructure during a high energy collision test, he was heard to mumble something like “I’ll unriddle the quandary of supersymmetry the old fashioned way.” He was found three days later, his body half-embedded in a mountain, having undergone a matter-energy transfer when the collider’s superconducting magnets accelerated his belt buckle to near light speeds, and transported him into the Swiss Alps.

We here at Stab At It wish him a quick recovery!

Press Release – Great News

For Immediate Release:

Stab At It is pleased to announce the newest member of our family, and sole owner of the high-income potential franchise, which will now be written by famed cowboy poet, Reddles Camp.

Stab At It is the property of Snuffy Jasper, Admiral of the High Seas of Flavor, Purveyors of Fine Pipe Clumps, The finest in expectorated tobacco leaf mouth wads. We here at Stab At It really can’t get enough of the bottom-of-the-sea flavor of Snuffy Jasper’s kelpchaw and hushpuppy marinade.

And don’t you worry, Reddles Camp will be smoking lots of that textured pipe paste while he cranks out panel after panel of what you want to see in your Stab At It comic strip: wisdom from the back of a horse. That’s right, Stab At It is returning to its roots, getting back on the trail and heading into the mountain country of flavor, on the high seas of premium wrapped tobacco goodness with the help of Snuffy Jasper’s unique blend of ancient seabed shale filter stones preceding a full seventeen-inch wrapped kelp stalk, spiced with the finest exotic sensual seasonings from the far Orient.

Snuffy Jasper knows deep-south high-mountain tobacco pipe slaw, and he knows the sea like the back of his gnarled neck, so load up a Stab At It comic strip on your computer or workhouse terminal, and enjoy the deep-ocean sensation of the South Seas, with the admiral of snow-capped mountain cigar-country goodness.

Snuffy Jasper is a subsidiary of the H&GL LottaTrust Prepaid Credit Card Company, licensed to Grimy Hanson’s Prison-Farmed Poultry and Lady Goods.

Stick us in your pipe!