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Stab At It 108

Cosplay is Superhero Blackface


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Bowls of Authoritarian Goodness

Eviscerated Wheat cereal box cover


Eviscerated Wheat cereal box back


More shockingly bland breakfast “foods” from the regime that keeps on marchin’, The Triumvirate! Also, check out the boxes for Clown-Themed Spoonfood, Flavored Vampires, and wash them down with gulps of Animal Water.

Fancy Saddle Magazine

This month’s horse-flavored magazine-cover-within-a-comic-strip-canon is much like all of television, the special guest star is the killer. The cover for Fancy Saddle, Bridle Edition, was designed, written, and lovingly groomed by Bethany Mikell. Show her your appreciation like I am, by making horse sounds for three days. Whinny.

Fancy Saddle, Bridle edition

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Everyone wants Stab At It on their product and/or service! Even the preferred cereal of the hard workers building the war machines that keep our glorious homeland safe from her enemies! All Praise!

Provided below: The cover and back of the cereal that will make your kids big, strong, and ready for the forge of our nation.

Clown-Themed Nutrition Pellets


Clown-Themed Joy

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