Precariously Balanced Breakfast

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Specific Foundry has done it again, producing a cereal that is as important to the Triumvirate as rivets and the strong, hard-working babies who cast them.


Bible Bubbles – For the boys on the front lines


Seriously, I made seven of these. Collect them all. In the cigar box that has everything tiny and important to you; a shell from your first trip to the beach, flower petals from your first love, wooden nickels and nickel-plated silver dollars. The cigar box you will lose in the big move. And life will never be the same.


Stab At It 125 – A Wall for Borderline Personalities



America, are you enjoying our dictator with Velveeta-marinated saddlebags for skin and dried jizz-crusted capellini for hair?  Shooty is his biggest fan.

Saddle Fancy – Election Edition



This is the 4th issue of the semi-quasi-quarterly fake magazine cover series known as Saddle Fancy. If you follow Stab At It, you might recognize it from a throwaway easter egg joke from 50 strips ago. Anyway, here are the others. Saddle Fancy back issues. (Plus Fancy Saddle, ladygirl edition for moms).

Surprise, there’s still Stab At It after issue 100, like you didn’t guess. Will be playing with format changes, but I’ll explain that later.

Number 101 includes two prologue strips, based loosely on a script by Orlando comedian and amazing person, Matt Gersting, who passed away in April. Way too soon and I’ve been dealing with it as well as I expected, like shit.

In his ideas for his Personal Issues strip (ones that I had some friends guest write), he wanted to have the main character mowing lawns for a month. Just panel after panel of mowing. Matt may have been fucking with me, and in turn, all of you. Classic. Gersting.